GL2 Refurbished


With the GL2, Canon has created a camcorder with a wealth of features, each selected to elevate further the standard against which other camcorders are judged. The GL2 is a must-have for the person looking for the very best video-making experience. The GL2 excellence begins with its outstanding Fluorite lens and includes pro-level picture adjustment features found in Canon higher-end camcorders.
Incorporating precision optics, superior digital processing, and a sleek innovative design, the Canon GL2 offers reliable professional performance. Offering the highest level of control, the camera fully compliments one vision and passion for excellence. Its advanced feature set allows users to handle even the most challenging tasks with confidence and ease.
For those using the GL2 for pro applications, or those with specific video-production needs, Canon offers a number of accessories designed to meet your every creative need. These range from additional power sources and microphones to lights and cables. Make sure you see how the GL2 Advanced Accessory Shoe opens up a world of new accessories.