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MG 997U

  • SMD & SMT Technology used
  • Stable VHF Wireless frequency
  • Clear and loud sound efferct
  • Dual Chanel wireless microphone for two persons talking
  • Three microphone types for your choice as the lavaliere / headset with belt-pack transmitter and handheld
  • 2 wired microphone inputs for more choice
  • 1 audio input and i audio output and 1 external 4-80 speaker  jack for more convenient
  • Dimension : 288 x 208 x 520 mm
  • With USB and SD Card in MP3 format for recording which 1 GB can
    be recorded for 1000 minutes and maximum can be recorded for 16000 minutes with a 16 GB USB or SD card
  • With LCD Screen display function
  • With MP3 remote controller
  • With cassette tape recorder
  • With a tripod stand jack for more convenient and useful
  • With low voltage circuit protection function for more safety
  • With USB and SD card play MP3
  • With FM radios


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